Michael Bernstein (left), interim president of Stony Brook University, hosts the inaugural episode of the school's new podcast series Beyond the Expected with guest Thomas Manuel as the two discuss music and arts. (Photo: Stony Brook University)
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Stony Brook launches podcast series

Stony Brook University is entering the world of podcasting.

The university this week announced the launch of its new podcast series titled Beyond the Expected. The show will feature contributions from a rotating cast of experts and guests, including interviews and discussions with Stony Brook alumni, students and leaders.

Each half-hour episode will highlight members of the Stony Brook community who are making a positive impact on Long Island through teaching, research, scholarship, public-private partnerships and philanthropic relationships.

“Stony Brook University faculty, staff and students put their heart and soul into their work, which elevates our regional economy and contributes more broadly to areas such as environmental sustainability, healthcare, and social and cultural identity,” said Michael Bernstein, the school’s interim president. “This podcast will showcase their drive and diversity as we learn about what inspired them when young, and what they’re doing now that helps make Stony Brook the great community partner that it is today.”

Some of the planned guests and topics include:

● Professor Abhay Deshpande on the evolution of nuclear science and his involvement in planning for the Brookhaven National Lab-awarded development of the Electron Ion Collider.
● Dr. David Fiorella on cutting edge approaches to interventional brain surgery and new services he has brought to Long Island, helping save lives of stroke victims.
● Thomas Manuel on the origins and historic relevance of the Jazz Loft, the song that got him hooked him on jazz and a memory of his best performance.
● Dr. Sharon Nachman on the safety of immunizations and vaccines and insights on the 2019-Novel Coronavirus.
● Dr. Carolyn Peabody and second-year MSW student, Meesha Johnson, on the 2020 Census and getting the Native American population in Suffolk County counted.

Stony Brook’s Beyond the Expected podcast is available to download or stream on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Radio Public and Google Podcasts. Video broadcasts are available on the university’s YouTube channel.

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