About The Long Island Times

Dedicated to highlighting the essential work of the area’s nonprofit community, the stories in the Long Island Times feature Long Islanders rising to the occasion to assist others in need.

True to our motto, ‘No good deed goes unpublished,’ the website shines a light on local efforts to lend a helping hand and calls attention to the Island’s good news, whether its a food drive, a charity fundraiser or a business donating goods or services to benefit a worthy cause.

The Long Island Times is maintained by professional journalists and relies on submissions and support from the public and private sectors to alert our readers to important upcoming events and news we all need to know about to help make the Island a better place.

Publisher’s note: Some design changes are being implemented, so please pardon our appearance during this transitional period. The good news will continue to be published throughout this makeover, in an easy-to-read format as always. Thank you for your support.