In this May 15, 2017 photo, Trees for Tribs volunteers celebrate planting the program's 100,000th tree. (Photo: NYS Department of Environmental Conservation)
Good News

NYS offering grants for tree-planting projects

Approximately $525,000 in grant funding from the New York State Environmental Protection Fund as part of the Trees for Tribs Grant Program. The program supports efforts to reforest New York’s tributaries, which are small creeks and streams that feed into larger rivers and lakes.

The goal is to help communities plant new trees and shrubs along stream corridors to prevent erosion, increase flood water retention, improve the wildlife habitat and protect water quality.

Grants from $11,000 to as large as $100,000 are available for qualified applicants with objectives that can be completed within a two-year window.

Eligible activities include landowner outreach and education, planting plan development, site preparation, riparian planting and more.

All applications must be submitted by 3:00 PM on September 7, 2018.

For more information about the Trees for Tribs program, please visit

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