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Businesses can get rebates for online improvements

The Babylon Industrial Development Agency is offering businesses rebates of up to $100 to help offset costs of enhancing their online presence.

The money is available to businesses in the Town of Babylon that need to hire a photographer, purchase equipment like a camera or lighting, or any other tools or services that might improve their websites and online capabilities.

This $100 digital presence grant, part of the town’s larger Babylon is Back initiative, is available through an application form on

“We know so many businesses have been hit hard by the pandemic and we understand the importance, now more than ever, that having an online presence means for them and their customers,” Matt McDonough, director of the Babylon is Back initiative, said in an IDA statement. “We hope that this rebate can ease some of the financial burden on these efforts and jumpstart the process for broadening a much needed online presence.”

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