Purple Pumpkin Project promotes safe trick-or-treating

Long Island officials are pitching a program called the Purple Pumpkin Project to promote safe trick-or-treating.

Homeowners can put an image of a purple pumpkin in their windows to let trick-or-treaters and their parents know that you’ll be wearing a mask and following other safety precautions when you open the door and hand out individually wrapped treats.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently announced he won’t ban trick-or-treating and the Purple Pumpkin Project is aimed at calming fears of those participating in the Halloween tradition.

“Kids need to be kids and it’s important that they get out there and do the things that are fun,” Nassau County Legislator Bill Gaylor said in a written statement. “This will bring just a small sense of normalcy back to what’s been an otherwise difficult and trying time.”

Nassau County has provided a copy of a purple pumpkin template to print out on their website.

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