Photo: Town of Oyster Bay

Bayville beach turns into Terrapin Station next weekend

Friends of the Bay and the Town of Oyster Bay are hosting a Diamondback Terrapin Monitoring and Beach Cleanup Day at Centre Island Beach in Bayville.

At the event, scheduled for Saturday, June 26 from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., volunteers will be trained to identify signs of nesting terrapins and build protective cages around them, keeping predators like raccoons and fox away and aiding their survival. A beach cleanup will also take place at the same time.

“The Town of Oyster Bay is home to a large population of Diamondback Terrapins, a small species of turtle that lives in fresh or brackish water and has distinctive diamond-shaped rings covering its shell,” Councilman Tom Hand said in a town statement. “We recently launched Team Terrapin, a joint project with Friends of The Bay, to help protect this species whose conservation status is “Near Threatened.”

All those interested in participating must register in advance online at:

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