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Canine Companions unleashes new branding

Canine Companions, the Medford-based service dog training nonprofit, has unveiled its new branding.

The new branding includes a new sign at Canine Companions’ Northeast Regional Training Center at 286 Middle Island Road and the new logo is also visible on the vests of the service dogs it trains.

Canine Companions provides trained service dogs for adults, children and veterans with a variety of disabilities, free of charge to its clients. The highly skilled service dogs can retrieve dropped items, alert to important sounds in the environment, interrupt flashbacks, participate in therapies and more.

Photo: Canine Companions

The new logo captures the belief that the human-dog bond makes everyone stronger, according to an organization statement, as the dog and human connect to form a unified, heart-like shape, underscoring the strength of the relationship, and illustrating how service dog teams help each other feel empowered and valued.

The nonprofit’s new tagline, “Lead With Independence,” refers to both leading a life of enhanced independence through a task-trained Canine Companions service dog and showcases the organization’s leadership role within the industry.

“Canine Companions’ brand identity has evolved over the past 45 years since our founding, becoming increasingly more recognizable and relevant within the service dog industry,” Canine Companions CEO Paige Mazzoni said in the statement. “We’re looking forward to Canine Companions’ continued evolution and development as a leader now and in the future.  Our new brand is a strategic component of that roadmap as well as a step in ensuring we reach our goal of providing service dogs to all qualified candidates.”

To learn more about Canine Companions on how they empower people with disabilities to lead more independent lives through an expertly trained service dog visit:

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