Photo: New York Marine Rescue Center
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LI nonprofits get Neighborhood Builder grants from Bank of America

Two Long Island nonprofits were named Neighborhood Builders and will receive a total of $400,000 in grants from Bank of America.

New York Marine Rescue Center will be able to expand its marine conservation and educational programs with $200,000 in unrestricted funding over the next two years.

The Riverhead-based center is preparing to treat sea turtles impacted by cold stunning, a phenomenon similar to hypothermia, which occurs annually on Long Island in the fall and winter months when sea turtles are exposed to cold water for extended periods.

NYMRC has seen an increased need for marine rehabilitation services as changing ocean temperatures disrupt marine environments, while experiencing a decrease in volunteers due to coronavirus.

Another Long Island nonprofit, Options for Community Living, was also named a Neighborhood Builder and will receive $200,000 in unrestricted funding over the next two years. 

The Ronkonkoma-based organization helps provide supportive housing and other services for people with mental illness, and individuals and families living with HIV/AIDS and other disabilities.

The economic impact of the pandemic has impacted organizations like Options for Community Living and the people they serve, with decreased revenue and limited volunteer numbers making it harder to deliver services.

Since 2004, Bank of America has invested over $280 million in 50 communities through Neighborhood Builders, partnering with more than 1,400 nonprofits and helping more than 2,800 nonprofit leaders strengthen their leadership skills. Here on Long Island, 35 nonprofits have been selected as a Neighborhood Builder, with the bank investing $7 million into these local organizations through the program since 2005.

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