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PALS SkyHope lands $120K grant

The Mother Cabrini Health Foundation has awarded a $120,000 grant to PALS SkyHope, which will provide 323 free medical, compassionate, and humanitarian flights for critically ill and underserved New Yorkers in need of care.

PALS SkyHope, a nonprofit headquartered at Republic Airport in Farmingdale, provides free medical flights for critically ill children and adults who can’t afford commercial air travel to their out-of-town healthcare destinations, or are physically unable to fly commercially. 

PALS SkyHope began the groundwork for this project in 2019 by establishing relationships and conducting outreach in rural, low-income counties of New York. These rural areas lack specialized medical facilities to meet the needs of many patients. As a result, patients often have to travel significant distances to receive proper care.

“As we begin to recover from a pandemic that has hit vulnerable populations the hardest, we must continue to address the challenges communities across New York State are facing: food and housing insecurity; lack of access to basic healthcare including vaccines; workforce issues; and educational, racial, economic, and health disparities made worse during COVID-19,” Msgr. Gregory Mustaciuolo, CEO of the Mother Cabrini Health Foundation, said in a written statement. “We must continue to support the full range of services that make for healthy people and communities.” 

Donna Collins, executive director of PALS SkyHope said the nonprofit appreciates the Mother Cabrini Health Foundation grant. 

“The need for air transportation to and from medical facilities is vast throughout New York State, and this funding allows us to increase our reach,” Collins said. “PALS SkyHope goes above and beyond to lift people up, treating every passenger on every flight with dignity and compassion.”

Since its inception in 2010, PALS SkyHope has provided more than 27,000 free flights for patients battling illnesses, veterans in need of supportive services, and victims of natural disasters.

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