New opioid treatment center opens at Outreach

The New York State Office of Addiction Services and Supports (OASAS) announced the opening of a new Integrated Opioid Treatment Program on Long Island. 

Operated by Outreach Development Corporation at its Brentwood headquarters, the facility will operate six days a week, providing addiction treatment and resources. The program is being supported with a one-time grant of $206,000 in federal funding administered by OASAS, as well as more than $1.1 million in annual state funding.

The program is part of an initiative designed to develop more patient-centered care models, and to expand access to a range of services throughout the state to address the opioid and overdose crisis. They are focused on bringing comprehensive services, including medication for opioid use disorder, together under one roof, and making it easier for people in high-need areas to access treatment and other resources in a single location.

“This new program will bring much-needed services to Long Island, and will help people access treatment and support closer to where they live.” OASAS Commissioner Chinazo Cunningham said in an agency statement. “It is critical that we continue to work on establishing these types of facilities throughout New York, and help to support all New Yorkers who have been impacted by addiction.”

The new facility will be co-located with the Outreach Recovery Center at 998 Crooked Hill Road in Brentwood and will offer integrated services for addiction, including all three types of FDA-approved medication for addiction, as well as counseling, education, connections to other services, and peer support.

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