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PSEG Long Island gives free trees for Arbor Day

In honor of Arbor Day, PSEG Long Island provided 225 customers in Nassau County with a free tree through its Energy-Saving Trees program.

The program, in partnership with Nassau, the New York State Urban Forestry Council and the Arbor Day Foundation, showcases how planting the right trees in the right location can reduce utility bills and promote ongoing system reliability.

The free energy-saving trees were given out last week at Eisenhower Park in East Meadow. The types of trees offered included red maple, white flowering dogwood, willow oak and scarlet oak.

“Arbor Day is a time to celebrate all the things trees provide for us, and PSEG Long Island likes to celebrate by offering customers trees that provide shade and wind breaks,” David Lyons, PSEG Long Island’s interim president and COO, said in a company statement. “Strategically planting energy-saving trees helps save up to 20% on summer energy bills once the trees are fully grown, while also improving air quality and reducing stormwater runoff for all residents across Long Island.”

Kristen Bousquet, program manager at the Arbor Day Foundation, said she was thrilled to be working with PSEG Long Island again this year.

“PSEG Long Island has been a long-standing partner since 2016, distributing nearly 5,000 trees to the communities it serves in the Long Island area. This year’s yard tree distribution gives PSEG Long Island a great opportunity to engage with the community,” Bousquet said in the statement. “This unique project benefits PSEG Long Island, its customers and the communities it serves by finding natural ways to conserve energy. Planting the right trees in the right place can help a homeowner save up to 30% on their electric bill.”

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