The Breezy Brianna is ready to patrol the waterways. (Photo: Town of Babylon)
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Town launching Operation Dry Water for boating safety

The Town of Babylon will participate in Operation Dry Water from July 1 to July 3 to remind the public of the importance of boating while sober and adhering to regulations to avoid devastating impacts.

Operation Dry Water is a year-round national campaign centered on raising awareness and enforcement of boating under the influence.

Town officials, bay constables and boater safety advocate Gina Lieneck recently hosted an event at Tanner Park Marina to raise awareness about the importance of boater safety.

The town renamed one of the bay constable vessels in honor of Gina Lieneck’s daughter, Brianna, who was tragically killed in a boating incident involving an impaired driver. Since her daughter’s passing, Lieneck has been a pivotal force in boating safety and helped pass Brianna’s Law in 2019, requiring all operators of motorized watercraft to complete a state-approved boating safety course, according to a town statement.

“We need to start holding people accountable for their actions,” Lieneck said in the statement. “If we give them a lesson, this can deter them from getting on the boat and drinking or being under the influence of drugs. There is no reason why we should not have sensible laws in place, and there is no reason why people should get away with killing someone or injuring them.”

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