New boba shop touches down in Syosset

Fly Me to the Moon at 106 Jackson Avenue in Syosset (Photo: The Long Island Times)

Syosset’s restaurant scene has a fresh addition with the arrival of Fly Me to the Moon, a cafe specializing in bubble tea, coffees and pastries, while also offering sushi bowls, ramen and more.

The new boba shop, located on Jackson Avenue near the Syosset train station, celebrated its grand opening on January 12 and aims to cater to the growing appetite for trending Asian snacks and drinks.

The cafe’s menu features a broad selection of coffee and bubble tea options, such as a kumquat and lemon flavored jasmine tea with lychee jelly, and Japanese-style matcha milk tea with red bean. The store also serves various pastries including croffles (a fusion of waffles and croissants served with various toppings), cakes, egg tarts and cream puffs. Customers can also score two free attempts on their crane game machine, filled with stuffed animals, for every $25 spent.

Fly Me to the Moon is located at 106 Jackson Avenue in Syosset.

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