Hewlett resident Helaine Slansky, 95, gathers items at the Kosher food pantry. (Photo: Stop & Shop)
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Stop & Shop donates Kosher for Passover food

Stop & Shop has donated 2,000 pounds of Kosher for Passover food to a Cedarhurst food pantry.

The donation helped fill the shelves at The Marion & Aaron Gural JCC’s Rina Shkolnik Kosher Food Pantry and addresses the growing issue of food insecurity in the Jewish communities of the Five Towns, southwestern Nassau County and eastern Queens.

The Stop & Shop donation included jarred gefilte fish, Kosher for Passover tomato and marinara sauce, macaroons, canned pineapple, canned mushrooms, potatoes, mandarin oranges, hearts of palm, canned fruit, canned vegetables, cottonseed oil, canned tuna, matzah, matzah crackers, matzah meal and other holiday staples.

The donation was made in partnership with the Stop & Shop in Woodmere, which has the largest Kosher selection of all of the Stop & Shop stores in New York, according to a company statement.

“We are honored to support the Rina Shkolnik Kosher Food Pantry/S.H.O.P. with this significant donation of Kosher for Passover food,” Artur Alchasov, store manager of Stop & Shop Woodmere, said in the statement. “Passover is a time for families to come together and celebrate, and we want to ensure that no one in our community goes without the essential items needed for a meaningful observance of the holiday.”

Stacey Feldman, executive director of The Marion & Aaron Gural JCC said the S.H.O.P. (Sustenance Hope Opportunities Place) pantry serves as a lifeline for many individuals and families, providing them with access to kosher food and resources they may otherwise struggle to afford.

“Stop & Shop’s generous donation allows the S.H.O.P. to alleviate some of the financial burdens faced by members of our community, allowing them to focus on celebrating Pesach,” Feldman said in the statement. 

According to Feldman, there are over 20,000 Jewish people that are food insecure or living in poverty in southwestern Nassau and eastern Queens. 

The Rina Shkolnik Kosher Food Pantry is the largest Kosher Food Pantry on Long Island. It began by helping 35 families and now works with over 800 families from the Five Towns and neighboring communities in Nassau and Queens. The S.H.O.P. is a joint initiative of the Marion & Aaron Gural JCC and UJA-Federation of New York and is supported by Community Chest South Shore.

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