Photo: New York State Brewers Association
Island Hopping

Belmont Park to host NY Craft Brewers Festival

Breweries from all over New York State will gather at Belmont Park next month at the New York Craft Brewers Festival.

The Sept. 7 beer sampling event, which is coming to Long Island for the very first time, will showcase the work of more than 60 craft brewers from Bay Shore to Buffalo.

Sponsored by the New York State Brewers Association, beer enthusiasts who attend the festival will be able to sample a wide variety of brews from brewers that include Prison City Brewery (Auburn); Resurgence Brewing Company (Buffalo); Wagner Valley Brewing Co. (Lodi); Bolton Landing Brewing Company (Bolton Landing); C.H. Evans Brewing Company (Albany); Rushing Duck Brewing Co. (Chester); Binghamton Brewing Co. (Binghamton) and Threes Brewing (Brooklyn). 

Festival attendees can also watch the final legs of horseracing’s Turf Triple Series live, with trackside viewing. 

Tickets range from $55 to $75. For more information visit

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