Stony Brook University Academic Mall (Photo: John Griffin/Stony Brook University)
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Stony Brook scores $957K diversity grant

Stony Brook University will receive $957,000 from the State University of New York System over three years to support the salaries of six faculty members as part of the education system’s new diversity initiative PRODiG (Promoting Recruitment, Opportunity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Growth).

The Stony Brook professors teach in various departments, including ecology and evolution, chemistry, social welfare, marine and atmospheric sciences, artificial intelligence-driven discovery and innovation, and civil engineering.

The PRODiG initiative is designed to increase faculty diversity at universities in the SUNY system in order to be more in line with student diversity. According to SUNY, 27.2% of its students are historically underrepresented minorities, up from 15.4% in 2007.

PRODiG will also create an education pipeline to identify promising students in high school and help them develop career opportunities in academia.

SUNY has committed to a decade-long effort to facilitate the hiring of 1,000 new faculty members who are historically underrepresented minorities or women in STEM disciplines.

For more information about the Promoting Recruitment, Opportunity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Growth Initiative, visit

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