Photo: Renaissance School of Medicine at Stony Brook
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Med students graduate early to fight COVID-19

After 122 students at the Renaissance School of Medicine at Stony Brook University received their diploma two months early, more than half pledged to deploy to the front line in the fight against COVID-19.

This follows Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s recent executive order allowing early graduation for medical students, which is intended to help meet the staggering need for doctors and nurses to care for the surge of hospital patients.

In addition to completing their normal academic requirements, each student received a two-week COVID-19 preparedness course to better acclimate them with the challenges they will face.

A graduation ceremony held on Wednesday, April 8 was broadcast on Facebook’s live video streaming service to allow friends and families of the students to witness the event remotely.

Despite the fear and uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, the students remain steadfast in their commitment to their profession. 

“I’m excited to do anything I can to help,” said new graduate Dr. Hailey McInerney. “This is the job. This is what we all went into medicine to do.”

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