The iconic Sherman during the Museum of American Armor's socially distanced 4th of July Parade. (Photo: Museum of American Armor)
Good News

Museum powers successful Independence Day parade

A convoy of vintage military hardware provided by the Museum of American Armor wowed the crowd at Nassau County’s July 4th parade at Old Bethpage Village Restoration on Saturday.

The socially distanced parade, which featured a Sherman tank, the mighty Hellcat, halftracks, armored cars, Vietnam-era combat vehicles, the M48 Patton tank and more, was a success because of the teamwork of volunteers from the museum volunteers and the Long Island Living History Association who ensured the celebration would protect their health and the health of socially distant spectators.

Sponsors of the event included Squad Security, PSEG, Bethpage Federal Credit Union, Polimeni International, SUEZ Environmental and others.

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