The Tyler Turducken sandwich (Photo: The Hero Joint)
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Turducken takes wing at Patchogue sandwich shop

The Hero Joint in Patchogue is getting into the Thanksgiving spirit with the legendary but elusive turducken tucked into a unique sandwich.

The mystical turducken consists of a deboned chicken stuffed into a deboned duck, stuffed into a deboned turkey.

The Tyler Turducken sandwich offered by The Hero Joint for $14.99, consists of a house-made patty of chicken, freshly-roasted carved turkey and sliced Long Island duck topped with bacon, lettuce, tomato, and a creamy cranberry mustard spread served on artisan sourdough bread, according to a written statement.

“We believe by turning the traditional turducken into a sandwich format will give people the ability to enjoy a dish that is both incredibly delicious and very complicated to make,” John Murray, chef and owner of The Hero Joint, said in the statement. ““We wanted to make a unique sandwich that is not on anybody’s radar, not offered at any other sandwich shop, not available from any restaurant here on Long Island.”

The Hero Joint is located at 74B East Main St. in downtown Patchogue.

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