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New retail art experience opens in East Hampton

A new retail concept called “one” opened in East Hampton on Memorial Day Weekend.

Conceived as an open-ended space for brand, artist, designer, and artisan pop-ups under one curated umbrella, one is a 5,000-square-foot marketplace on two floors at 1 Main St. that showcases fashion, accessories, jewelry, interiors, print media and art.

Founded by entrepreneur Julianna Teeple, a former financial investment executive, one has partnered with Artsy, an online marketplace that will provide digital access to its curation of artworks.

The new retailer aims to serve customers seeking a sustainably-minded, product-led, immersive experience and brands, creators, makers, designers, as well as artists aiming to break into luxury markets like East Hampton.

Inaugural brand partners include Anna Mason, Indi, Vanessa Bruno, NYMåNE, Thief and Heist, Albertus Swanepoel, Amanu Studio, Haight, Krewe, Estelle Colored Glass, Roll & Hill, Saved NY, Studio Proba, Wilcoxson Brooklyn Ceramics and a curated selection of vintage denim by Display Copy. Local brands include Cynthia Rowley and Malia Mills and Social Studies will debut exclusive partner same-day rentable picnic kits.

“In our era of increasing online shopping and the decline of many multi-brand luxury retailers, one fills the void for clients looking to discover new brands, talents, and trends in person,” Teeple said in a written statement. “Brick and mortar shopping is a changing industry and an activity optimized by experiential elements that cannot fully be achieved online. My goal has been to structure a business that is built for the future – one that can withstand the sales and cost pressures faced by all physical retail – yet is built to survive thanks to its ability to deliver uniquely in-person experiences.”

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