Splashes of Hope mural in Kings Park. (Photo: Long Island Times)

Splashes of Hope paints Kings Park mural

Dozens of volunteers grabbed paint brushes to help color a mural in downtown Kings Park on Saturday.

Organized by Splashes of Hope, a nonprofit group dedicated to creating art to transform spaces, enrich environments and facilitate healing, the event was sponsored by the Kings Park Chamber of Commerce and the Suffolk County Department of Economic Development and Planning.

Photo: Long Island Times

Splashes of Hope was founded in 1996 by Heather Buggée, who had a friend that was afflicted with Hodgkin’s Disease and was an inpatient in a local hospital. Heather and her friend had an idea that positive imagery and an appealing environment would improve a patient’s spirit and attitude and support the healing process, which was the genesis of Splashes of Hope.

Today, the nonprofit continues to create custom artwork and murals and has reached over 35 states across the U.S., and internationally in France, Italy, and Ukraine.

For more information visit: splashesofhope.org

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