Painting by Rachel M. (Courtesy of ArtABILITY)

ArtABILITY on tour at Hamptons Art Fair

ArtABILITY, a traveling special needs art exhibition organized by the Spirit of Huntington Art Center, will be presenting works at the Hamptons Art Fair this month.

ArtABILITY showcases the talents of individuals on Long Island living with various physical and cognitive impairments.

The artwork included in the ArtABILITY exhibition is created through the Spirit of Huntington Artists Come Alive program, a series of classes that introduces students to the lives of famous artists through an interactive slide show that tells the story of the challenges the artists overcame through their art. The program, which sees over 250 participants a week, empowers students by tapping into their natural artistic abilities and encouraging them to create their own masterpieces and channel their emotions and feelings through their work.

The touring exhibition is a curated collection of the most successful, impactful, and representative work from the year. Spirit of Huntington Art Center partners with many service organizations on Long Island to bring arts education, therapy, and opportunity to individuals with special needs. Those partners include the AIM Network, Blue Umbrella Experience, Cerebral Palsy Association of Nassau, East End Disability Associates, FREE- Family Residences and Essential Enterprises, Halo Network, IGHL Associates, ISS- Independent Support Services, Life’s WORC, Pal-o-Mine Equestrian, Rise Life Services, South Huntington School District, SYJCC-Butler Center, and the Mid-Island YJCC-Adler Center for Special Needs.

The Hamptons Art Fair runs from Thursday, July 14 through Sunday, July 17 at 605 County Road 39 in Southampton.

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