"The Wall That Heals" (Photo: Town of Babylon)
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Traveling “Wall That Heals” exhibit coming to Babylon

“The Wall That Heals” exhibit, a 375-foot replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C., is coming to Tanner Park in Babylon.

The traveling exhibit, which will be displayed in Babylon from Oct. 5 to Oct. 8, pays tribute to over 3 million Americans who served in the U.S. Army in the Vietnam War and bears the names of the 58,281 men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice in Vietnam.

In 1995, a smaller replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial wall drew thousands to Babylon Town Hall.

“The Wall That Heals” exhibit aids thousands of veterans in their healing process, empowering them to encounter The Wall in the familiarity of their own communities and emboldening their strength and courage. It also serves as an important source of peace for family and friends of veterans and learning tool for others in the community.

Volunteers are needed while “The Wall That Heals” is on display at Tanner Park. To sign up, please fill out the form found here.

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