Chris Chaffee, Brittany Degel, Walter Hoefer and Michael Voltz of PSEG Long Island and Andrew Parton and Jennifer Baxmeyer of the Cradle of Aviation Museum. (Photo: PSEG Long Island)

Cradle of Aviation brightens up with $115K in energy rebates

The Cradle of Aviation Museum has earned $115,696 in rebates from PSEG Long Island from its switch to LED lighting.

The Garden City museum installed more than 800 new LED lighting fixtures and LED light bulbs in its main gallery. The LED project is expected to reduce the museum’s energy usage by more than 400,000 kilowatt hours per year and reduce its energy costs by about $70,000 annually, according to a PSEG Long Island statement.

“PSEG Long Island commends the Cradle of Aviation Museum for replacing its lighting throughout the museum with energy efficient LEDs,” Michael Voltz, director of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy for PSEG Long Island, said in the statement. “By making this significant upgrade, we were able to provide the museum with a significant rebate, and the exhibits look great with the new lighting.”

Jennifer Baxmeyer, executive director of the museum, said the museum is grateful to the PSEG Long Island Energy Efficiency program for its support that enabled the transition from outdated tungsten lighting to energy efficient LED lights.

“The new lighting not only enhances the visual clarity of our exhibits, it also significantly improves our preservation of artifacts and reduces our carbon footprint,” she said in the statement.

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