Photo: New York State Department of Motor Vehicles
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New Yorkers can vote on new state license plate

Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles are enlisting residents to help choose a new license plate for the upcoming decade.

The public can vote for their favorite of five different plate designs, with the winning selection becoming the state’s official license plate for the next 10 years, beginning in April 2020.

One of the plates includes the historic Montauk Lighthouse and New York City skyscrapers on one end, contrasted with a scenic Adirondack mountain landscape on the other. Three of the plates are prominently focused on the Statue of Liberty, and one plate features the recently-constructed Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge (still more commonly referred to as the Tappan Zee).

Voting is open through Monday, Sept. 2 on the state’s website.

Once the updated plates are available, the DMV will stop issuing the ‘Empire Gold’ plates and transition to the new style. For drivers who want a bit more personality in their plates, the DMV also offers more than 200 custom styles, many of which support charitable causes.

For a full list of custom plates, visit the DMV at

Vintage New York State license plates from 1901 to 2001.
Vintage license plates that have previously been used in New York. (Photo: New York State Department of Motor Vehicles)
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