Volunteers from Smithtown-based Guardians of Rescue loading the first of 30 dogs onto a plane with members of Animal Aid USA. (Photo: Guardians of Rescue)
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Smithtown nonprofit rescuing dogs from Bahamas

Guardians of Rescue, a Smithtown-based animal rescue organization, is in the midst of rescuing dogs abandoned or lost in the Bahamas in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian.

The nonprofit, which also has an operation in Miami, has been flying dogs back to America in an effort to find them permanent homes. Last week, Guardians of Rescue, which is partnering with Animal Wellness Foundation and Animal Aid USA in the effort, brought 30 dogs back from the Bahamas and plans to rescue dozens more.

The organization is working with Nassau, Bahamas resident Chella Phillips, who has sheltered nearly 100 of the stray dogs affected by the storm.

“Most people don’t realize just how horrible and hazardous things are for stray dogs in the Bahamas,” Guardians of Rescue said via Facebook. “We’ll tell you about conditions there at another time, but just know that for a stray Bahamian dog to get to the US to find a home is the luckiest break a dog can get.”

For more information about Guardians of Rescue visit GuardiansOfRescue.org.

Photo: Guardians of Rescue
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