Girl Scouts of Nassau County CEO Randell Bynum (center, left) and PSEG Long Island Vice President of Legal Services Andrea Elder-Howell (center, right) were joined by Girl Scouts of all ages on Nov. 8 to celebrate the company’s donation of $10,000 to equip their “Traveling Trefoil” van with equipment to help with STEM learning. (Photo: PSEG Long Island)
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PSEG-LI gives $10K to Girl Scouts for STEM education

The Girl Scouts of Nassau County received a $10,000 grant from PSEG Long Island to help advance their STEM education efforts.

The donation was appropriately given to the Girl Scouts on National STEM Day, which was celebrated on Nov. 8. The day fetes Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education throughout the country.

The PSEG Long Island grant will help furnish the Girl Scouts of Nassau County new “Traveling Trefoil” van with hands-on STEM equipment, outdoor activity gear and supplies. The Traveling Trefoil offers Girl Scout opportunities to girls in communities affected by COVID who are unable to take advantage of the Girl Scout programs due to limited family discretionary time, means of transportation, finances, access to technology and language or cultural barriers.

Once the Traveling Trefoil is fully equipped, it will give the Girl Scouts access to programs that focus on mental well-being, mitigating learning loss, and civic engagement and social change. The Traveling Trefoil will bring Girl Scouts to community centers, parks, school yards, houses of worship and other public spaces across Nassau County, opening up more times and places for girls and their families to participate.

“The Traveling Trefoil initiative is an exciting new tool to help empower Girl Scouts and communities throughout Nassau County,” Randell M. Bynum, CEO of Girl Scouts of Nassau County, said in a written statement. “It is in our DNA to help our communities. When we noticed external factors might be preventing Girl Scouts from joining programs that enable them to grow personally and professionally, we knew we needed to intervene. We needed an out-of-the-box idea, and we found just that with this van. Thank you to PSEG Long Island for helping to make it possible.”

Andrea Elder-Howell, PSEG Long Island’s vice president of legal services and president of the Girl Scouts of Nassau County board of directors, said strong community involvement is a top priority for PSEG Long Island.

“The causes and issues important to our customers mirror those of our company and employees,” she said.

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