Huntington Animal Shelter resident Martha with treats donated during the Betty White Challenge by Kids Adopt a Shelter. (Photo: Town of Huntington)

Give A Dog A Dream fetches big donations in Betty White Challenge

Huntington-based nonprofit Give A Dog A Dream had a good week, thanks to the Betty White Challenge.

The nonprofit received $9,585 in donations this past week, taking in most of it on Jan. 17, which would have been Betty White’s 100th birthday.

The Betty White Challenge encouraged fans of the late actress to donate $5 to animal rescues and shelters in her name.

Besides the money, the Huntington Animal Shelter also received donations of collars, leashes and treats for the town’s shelter dogs. 

Give a Dog a Dream, a nonprofit formed by the Town of Huntington in 2014, funds medically necessary surgeries and treatments, advanced behavior modification training, and costs related to finding forever homes for dogs with the Huntington Animal Shelter long-term, who may be difficult to place in a traditional home due to behavioral issues that cannot be retrained through the shelter’s rehabilitation program.

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