Jovia and Commerce Plaza staff celebrate the re-opening of Commerce Plaza alongside students. (Photo: John Joseph Dowling Jr./Jovia)
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Jovia launches Curio app to incentivize youth banking

Jovia Financial Credit Union has launched Curio, a new financial education program and mobile app.

Aimed to enhance financial literacy among young people and their families, Curio is designed to be fully integrated within the credit union’s mobile banking and online platforms.

With Curio, parents can reward their children as they learn smart financial habits. The mobile application and online interface was designed for young people giving them an interactive tool where they can request money from parents, set and track monthly budgets, get paid for chores and borrow money from parents in the form of a loan, according to a credit union statement. 

Jovia executives launched its new Curio app at an event marking the full-time opening of Commerce Plaza in Levittown, a hands-on educational program for students that provides the opportunity to learn about the work world, finances, and economics through a simulated, business environment. Commerce Plaza had been closed during the pandemic and only partially re-opened during the 2021-2022 school year.

“Commerce Plaza is the perfect location to introduce our new app, Curio, to assist young people to learn how to save, earn and be financially responsible,” Peter Purpura, assistant vice president for business development at Jovia, said in the statement. “We are sure that Curio and its many benefits will be well received by a new generation of Jovia members and their parents.”

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