Donated suitcases are piling up. (Photo: Briggs & Riley)
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Long Island luggage maker carries on with suitcase donation drive

A Hauppauge-based luggage maker is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its charity donation effort.

Popular travelware brand Briggs & Riley is currently holding its annual “A Case for Giving” suitcase charity drive. Participating retailers are offering a $100 credit towards a new Briggs & Riley rolling bag in exchange for a donation of gently-used luggage throughout the month of February. 

Since 2014, the program has supported over 300 charitable partners across the country, including local foster homes, women’s shelters, and groups such as Not Just Tourists, which uses donated luggage to help deliver needed medical supplies worldwide. This year, the drive is being held across over 250 retail locations, including Dillard’s and Brookstone Airport Services, and many independent retailers as well.

“We are so proud of what the “A Case for Giving” campaign has grown into over the past decade,” Briggs & Riley CEO Richard Krulik said in a company statement. “As Briggs & Riley continues to grow and expand, so does our dedication to getting involved in communities across the country and helping those in need through bag donations. This campaign continues to be a testament to the generosity of our retailers and customers, and mirrors our commitment to both quality work and compassion.”

In March, Briggs & Riley will also participate in a charitable online campaign with Comfort Cases to support their mission. Comfort Cases is a nonprofit that provides bags to youths in the foster care system that help them transport their belongings with dignity when they move between homes.

“We so value the ‘Good Humans’ at Briggs & Riley who continue to champion the philosophy of giving back to community,” Comfort Cases CEO and founder Rob Scheer said in the statement. “With more than 438,000 youth in foster care, averaging 700 youth entering the system every day, helping them with this often difficult transition by providing what may be their first piece of luggage is empowering. We send thanks with tremendous gratitude to all who donate bags.”

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